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Coaching & Career Strategy

Vincent Corver

In a world of rapid change, lead by AI and other new emerging technologies it is virtually  impossible to foresee what new ideas generate a lasting change, and what is finally doomed to fail and easily forgotten. The vast landscape of our creative, music and arts industry is always-changing. We live in a time of digital noise, where the creation of everything is in over-abundance and where we aim to be seen, generate some type of brief exposure, or lasting visibility. Our creative minds are limitless, but we forget to live by our core strengths and foundations. To honour what we feel closest to, and to simply start from there. 

After several decades working in many areas of our creative industry, but also having been allowed to witness it from so many different angles, I feel fortunate to be able to have contributed with Career Strategy Advice with the following institutions: 

2016 - 2017 Weill Cornell Medical University, Qatar (Guest Teaching)
2017 - (today) GLG Group (Music Industry Strategy Consultant)
2020 - (today) Royal Conservatoire The Hague (Guest-Lecturer)
2021 - (today) The Songwriting Academy (Faculty Professor) 
1994 - (today) Private Tutoring in Holland, London, Qatar and Zurich.

Ad-Hoc Strategy appointments to, and in conversation with the following Brands: A Small World, CORD WorldWide, Utopia, SoundWave Studios, Chopin Watches, Native Instruments, Steinway & Sons, ZhdK, Vivaldi Group, UBS and many others.

Besides public speaking engagements (Guest-Lectures and Keynote Presentations), please feel free to contact me for private (one on one) Career Strategy Coaching Sessions at: - Session talks include drafting and planning a unique personal career strategy, targets with set-deadlines on key-topics, such as: 

1. Defining your artistic product, visibility, and measuring progress.
2. Understanding your creative target audience, and ideal placement.
3. Social Media Strategy, Story-Telling, Programming live events & concerts.
4. Industry Contacts, Relationship building, Fan Retention.
5. Recording Industry, Paylists, Labels, A&R, Publishing, Streaming Royalties.
6. Sync, Film Scoring, Cross-Over Music, Collaborative Industry opportunities.
7. LogicX production session calls, making  smart musical choices in AI-times.

Royal Conservatoire of Music, The Hague, Holland KeyNote Presentation April 4th 2024 "Changes in the New Music Industry"

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