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American Record Guide:
"Highest Degree of Artistic Excellence"

Rob Haskins

The Independent:
Corver's frantic detail impresses the most"

Andy Gill

BBC Music Magazine:
30 Must-Have Recordings of our Lifetime: "My Favourite"

Claire Jackson

"Recordings that radiate authority"

Philips Clark

Latest News

  • Official affiliation with MassiveMusic Amsterdam
  • "Davos 1917" The SoundTrack Album - Out Now! 
  • International #SpirioCast Concert for Steinway & Sons, March 28th 2024
  • World Premiere "Davos 1917" TV Series (Season 1) - Seven Scores with Adi Frutiger
  • "Vivication" 10M+ streams on Amazon Music
  • Official Global Brand Ambassador of Steinway Lyngdorf
  • Official Grammy® Awards Voting Member 2024
  • New Steinway & Sons EP Release: "Improvisations à La Maison"
  • Global launch of new Ambient Label: "Stardust Music"
  • Live Concert: "Memories" for 30th Anniversary of CICG Geneva
  • Three New Singles with Legendary Electronic Music Artist "BT"

Dr. Rodney Sharkey, Weill Cornell Med University

"Vincent Corver is to the piano as Van Gogh is to paint: He is destined for greatness and I hope to be around to see it."

Juliane Walker, Gifted Education, Zurich

"Vincent is dedicated to making a difference not just with his music, but in people's lives."

Dalida Arakelian, LA (Mindful Music Productions)

"Vincent Corver has served as an extraordinary mentor and role model. He has an exceptional ability to bring ideas to life musically."

"The listener doesn't fall in love with the artist, nor with their music. He or she will fall in love with the connection that exists between the artist and their music."