Spitting Bubbles (The Film)

What would you do if you were the last person left on earth? This film explores the idea of a girl who wakes up to nothing-ness and believes she is the last person left in the world.

Spitting Bubbles is a journey of surviving the illusions of her reality.

Director: Anthea Devotta

Music by: Vincent Corver

"Why" (The Music Video)

Aired nationwide USA on TV and premiered on VEVO. A project where the meaning of visuals play a a very strong role, accompanied by a piano solo with unique beat-box effects and mix of different musical styles.

The music video is meant to evoke appreciation for artistic class in combination with pure eye-candy visuals. Uncovering the understanding in a music video, that the imagination may be more powerful than words.

Director: Nyk Schmalz

Music (Piano Solo) & Beatbox by: Vincent Corver

"While You Were Gone" Tomorrowland 2017 Live

The moment that redefined my musical career: Paul Van Dyk​ premiering our collaboration track "While You Were Gone" a TomorrowLand 2017 in front of 316,000 people.

Music by: Paul van Dyk & Vincent Corver

Publisher: BMG Talpa Music

Lutron Electronics (Official Ad)

Official TV Ad for "Caseta" by Lutron Electronics

Director: Moustapha Siblini

Music by: Vincent Corver

Publisher: BMG Talpa Music

Universal Music Collaboration Track

At special request of UMG presenting this special feature video of Andy Grammer's opening track of his new album "The Good Parts" including an improv piano Add-On.

Piano: Vincent Corver

Film & Editing: Vincent Corver


"People often ask me how to achieve playing at my level?

I believe my playing isn't positioned at any level, but simply has shaped itself

after years of intense dedication at the piano, creating something

that is 'just me'. I strongly believe anyone may realise their artistic dreams through passion & hard work that is 'just their own'. "

Vincent Corver

Vodafone Qatar (Official Ad)

This score was realised at the invitation of The Film House Qatar for Vodaphone Qatar, National Day 2017 by Vincent Corver

Director: The Film House Qatar

Music by: Vincent Corver

Publisher: BMG Talpa Music