Alpha Music was established in Summer 2015 by Producer/Pianist Vincent Corver and Producer/Sound Engineer Andrew Diaz aka TruID.  The duo commenced working on a series of musical tracks that quickly materialized into a unique blend of different acoustic cinematic scoring ideas adding a contemporary mainstream drive.

Today, Alpha Music's production team is currently fully committed to the realisation of several groundbreaking new musical ideas and turning them into global hit tracks. Its aim is to bring a genuine musical virtuosity to a populair platform with a lyrical message to the world. Alpha Music has reached a tipping point where the team is collaborating across continents at the very pinnacle of each and everyone’s individual expertise, together creating a synergy for an unparalleled final result.


Vincent Corver

Producer / Pianist

(Zurich, Switzerland)

Andrew Diaz  aka TruID

Producer / Sound Engineer

(Orlando, FL)



(Perth, Australia)

“My mission is not to quote others, but to state purely and entirely

my individual observations & experiences generating

a singular vision, approach and problem solving attitude."

Vincent Corver